Running Technique Workshop

understanding running mechanics


What is Running Technique Workshop?

Running Technique Workshop is a professional service providing an educational facility to individuals and groups on the topic of correct running form. We use specific clinical methods to structurally assess runners' stability, flexibility and running technique and relay findings and instructions via the highly interactive workshop forum.  Workshops are kept to small numbers of runners for maximum individual attention.

Running is one of the most liberating, cheapest and easiest ways to exercise but unfortunately due to lifestyle and developmental factors many of us now lack the muscular hardware and the neuro-muscular software to run properly.  Running Technique Workshop shows you how to successfully install and reboot your inner running abilities.  This is done by showing each runner how to improve alignment, muscle length, muscle strength and running technique.

All our instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists with elite level running experience and a special interest in running biomechanics.  Workshops range from beginners through to advanced and are open to individuals, groups and corporate clients.  Please check out our Workshops page for further details.

Top 10 reasons why we run badly and get injured:

  • Poor running habits from wearing overly padded or ill-fitting footwear
  • Increasing running volume too quickly
  • Tight/weak calf muscles
  • Tight/weak hip and core muscles
  • Lack of stimulation and firing of designated neuro-muscular pathways 
  • Flat feet (or other developmental abnormalities of the foot)
  • Overly tense feet while running
  • Lack of or inadequate warm-up and cool down
  • Excessive road running
  • Lack of speed work/technical work

Owen Dwyer BcL BSc(Physio) MISCP

RTW Founder Director and Head Running Instructor

Chartered Physiotherapist, former Irish Elite Triathlete and multi-marathon runner, Owen Dwyer is the founder and director of Running Technique Workshop.    

"I started Running Technique Workshops because of my practical knowledge and lifelong interest in running. When I was competing at elite level triathlon I was always looking for ways to become more efficient at what I did.  Who knew that a short calf muscle could prevent you from properly engaging your hip muscles? This constant search for improvements honed my analytical skills and working as a Chartered Physiotherapist means I see first hand where technique faults can lead to muscle, ligament, tendon and  joint breakdown.  It kills me to see runners and joggers out there pounding the pavement with corkscrewing knee mechanics making a mess of their joints. It doesn't need to be that way! Knowing why a certain technique fault or injury is occuring is as important as establishing that it exists. Running can be tough on the body when done incorrectly. By truly understanding running mechanics, human anatomy and physiology, those potential stresses can be addressed to make you a leaner, swifter and injury-free runner."