Running Technique Workshop

understanding running mechanics

Owen Dwyer, head instructor, is a full-time Chartered Physiotherapist working in private practice in Cork.  Owen treats sports injuries, overuse injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, chronic pain as well as other orthopaedic, rheumatological and neurological conditions.  Special interests include the use of dry-needling in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain; injury treatment and prevention in endurance sports (triathlon & rowing) and running biomechanics. 

Maintaining optimum health is a balancing act.  Juggling all those elements like sleep, nutrition, career, family-life, finances and exercise can be extremely challenging.  In fact, even when we get what we suppose is the "correct balance" it is still possible for things to go wrong.  When things do go wrong with your musculoskeletal health Physiotherapy is a good place to start.

Owen Dwyer's Private Physiotherapy Practice is located at:

The Consultants Suite

Affidea (formerly Euromedic)

The Elysian

Eglington Street 

Cork City 


Initial Consultation (45mins):  €70

Standard Consultation (30-45mins):  €60

contact:   085-2279014



Euromedic, The Elysian, Eglington Street, Cork